Ensar Hastanesi

About us

As a private Ansar Hospital; we put our patients’ health first. To improve the quality of life and offer health care in the best possible form, which gives patients and relatives a sense of confidence and serenity.

Based on contemporary values, scientific principles, knowledge, professional ethics and international quality of service standards; By using scientific knowledge in its pioneering, innovative way, to illuminate and solve society’s health problems, the goal of becoming a social responsibility-fulfilling health care institution is the most important mission of the Private Ensar Hospital.

The fundamental principle of the Special Ensar Hospital, which relies on “patient and patient intimacy satisfaction” and “patient rights” in all of its services, is always: “Human first, health first!” it has been.”

Private Ensar Hospital workers are aware of the essence of health culture through honesty, trust, and the ability to serve patients and relatives without leaving the presumption of hypocrisy.

To this end, the Private Ensar Hospital has assumed the role of a leader in becoming the highest quality service in its region. His role was organized not only in Istanbul and Turkey, but also in the international arena, specifically in the medical staff-technology hardware-technical infrastructure triangle, which can meet the health care needs of Middle East, Eastern Europe and surrounding countries.

The goal of the private hospital for Ansar is to be the best at what it does, to be able to make the society and people it serves healthier. Private Ensar Hospital is always improving the quality of service for this purpose.

Private Ensar Hospital continues with major advances in protective and therapeutic health care to improve society’s quality of life.

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