Ensar Hastanesi

Quality Control

Service Unit Responsible for

Quality Management
Enterprise Fabric
Healthy Work Life
Waste Management
Document Management
Security Reporting System
Education Management
Patient Experience
Section-Based Indicators
Clinical Based Indicators

Crescent Star

Risk Management
Emergency And Disaster Management
Access Service

Haji Kutlu

End-of-Life Services

Seda Aydin
Infection Prevention
Symbol Birders
Seda Aydin
Patient Care
Songul Tange
Pharmaceutical Management
Murat Kilicarslan
Sterilization Services
The O.R
Shule Patan
Intensive Care Unit
Alaena Tin
Transfusion Services
Biochemistry Services
Sabiya Barik
Radiation Safety
Emine Euphrates
Newborn ICU
Mystery Noble
Birth Services
Jeren Begalyva
Facility Management Material And Device Management
Bahattin Finds
Information Management System
Irfan Sadikoglu
Medical Registration And Archive Services
Esma Acquisition
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