Ensar Hastanesi

Mission & Vision

Our mission

Delivering safe and quality health care based on laws and ethical principles.

Our vision

We use advanced technology in all of our branches to become the favored hospitals in our region, delivering reliable, modern, quality health care.

Our values


· care about the experience of those who receive our services, actively participate in our recommendation systems,

· evaluate opinions and recommendations in an atmosphere of trust that we have built with our employees,


· to be a trusted health care institution with our knowledge and experience in the healthcare that we provide.


· is conscious that in medical care, information is important.

· learn how best to serve in the light of knowledge.

· to serve the information we receive,


· Awareness of our responsibilities in the sense of duty,

· to maintain medical ethics and human values,


· is to be responsive to society and to the awareness of the environment.


· our elders who served in the past in our hospital,

· be aware of the loyalty we owe to our patients who have always trusted us from the past to this day.


· believe that our employees are at the heart of our success.


· not me, but us acting in our ways, together in good times, in bad.

Holistic Approach

· Every man is precious in his belief,

· to serve in all conditions, to offer equal health care to every person, and to provide quality health care to every person in the community.

Transparency, Honesty


· ensure that the information contained in our agency’s records can be tracked by the individuals involved.

To share and maintain objectively, without disturbing the · accuracy.

Total Quality Management


· To manage quality with a holistic approach and to provide quality service all together, at all times,

Our difference

· is our long history,

· our sense of positive change,

· Decisions,

· our commitment to principles,

· our openness to innovation,

· is our ability to achieve successful results with our highly responsible, dynamic staff open to learning.


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